If you’re here reading about my life, then you probably want to know about the people that feature in it:

The WIFE: aka Mrs “askyerfather” is a teaching assistant and freelance copy editor (shameless plug: you can contact us here for any copy editing or proof reading enquiries), a mother, great cook and all round good egg. Apart from baking, she likes to try and find the time to craft.As every husband knows, the Wife is the power behind the throne.
Oldest child: Oldest child is almost 10 and has already begun to turn into a teenager. This one has an insatiable appetite for knowledge, is imaginative, messy and has a love for history, he collects WWI & WWII memorabilia and other historical artifacts (sometimes known as junk). He watches a lot of Youtube.



Middle Child: Middle child is the enigma. He’s quick smart but you’re never quite sure what he’s thinking (and that’s the problem). This one has a love of old cars, Hornby Trains and giving cheek. He watches a lot of Youtube.
Youngest Child:Youngest child is 3 going on 13. He has two older brothers to learn from you see. The cheekiest and probably the craziest, he’s still my baby (despite him constantly telling me he’s a BIG BOY). He is currently obsessed with Scooby Doo and watches a lot of ‘Daddy Finger’ on Youtube.



Ellie the English Springer Spaniel: In a very short time, Ellie has managed to gather together a larger following than me. She has her own page here on Twitter and Instagram. One day I aim for her to be bigger than Nigel.