I have a favourite child and YOU do too.

Here’s a dirty little secret. I have a favourite child. And if you have more than one then you do too. !! Now before you get out the pitchforks and deny it, think about it. Go on admit it. YOU DO !! If you’re still sitting there and saying ‘not me you disgusting wanker’ then I’m here to tell you this. You’re either lying to yourself or lying to everyone else.

Ok, it’s not quite what you think.

Let me explain by telling you about my children.

Oldest child:

My oldest child is almost 10, he’s very cerebral but not AT ALL hands on. I love him the most when I want to do something historical, whether that be watching a documentary, having a discussion about something, visit a museum, make plans to build something or hear a long and involved theory about pretty much anything, when I want an excuse to build Lego or watch Star Wars, oldest child is my favourite child.  In that moment oldest child is the absolute best.

Middle Child:

When I want to go out for a walk, hear about old cars, go to a classic car rally, need somebody to do a job or just tinker about on yard projects, middle child is my favourite. He’s a hands on kind of guy but absolutely does not like to be bossed about. Asking him to do something that’s not on his terms is asking for disaster scale meltdowns, those occasions are for oldest child. He’s also an enigma. He doesn’t let you in to his thought processes, if you want to know what a child is thinking, then you follow oldest child’s constant vocal train of thought. The upshot is that life with middle child is a lot quieter (unless he has pent up energy to release). Middle child is hands on in all the ways oldest child is not.

Youngest child:

Well you go to youngest child if you want to laugh, if you want side splittingly funny  grown up concepts from the mouth of a toddler then he’s your child (and i’m not talking rude or sweary ) . Do you Like Scooby Doo?  Toddler child will spend all day watching scooby with you. ALL DAY. He also knows most of the lyrics to Queen’s greatest hits, a fair bit of KISS’s back catalogue and he “Huv’s David Bowie”. If you just want to experience a love of life, spend time with my toddler. It’s when I need those moments that, youngest child is my favourite child.

See what I mean? Now do you realise?

Yes of course you love them all equally but you DO have favourites and that mainly depends on your mood, their mood and what you need to get done. They are all my favourites because they are brilliant at totally different things (they all push my buttons in totally different ways too but that’ll be a different blog post – entitled ” You’re all my least favourites”).


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7 thoughts on “Why I have a favourite child (and you do too).”

  1. I loved this post! At first I was sucking air through my teeth and then… Bam! You got me. Isn’t it amazing how different children can be with the same upbringing? Thank you, I enjoy the read!

  2. Totally agree! People sometimes look at me in horror when I’ve taken all three out for the day and jokingly say the oldest is my favourite because he’s not screamed because he dropped his apple/pooed at the most inappropriate time/repetitively asked the same question in a slightly different way 40 times and he’s smiled knowingly at me when the other two do one of those things and either hands over his own apple/passes the wipes/tries to answer the question. Mind you when it’s time for homework he’s my least favourite 🙂

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