It’s blogging awards season and thank God we are finally headed towards the end.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m not too bothered about blogging awards (or any awards), I don’t put myself out there and I’m not going to expend all my waking hours on gaming the system, begging friends, social media and Instagram pods to vote for me; I don’t even think I’m good enough to be up for an award, so this post isn’t about sour grapes, it’s about the no-good sneakers (some with little to offer) going all out to win at the expense of those who don’t cheat.

Vote for me overload:

It has felt like since the blogging awards nominations opened, we’ve all been bombarded with not just a pinned tweet and an occasional ‘hey, can you vote for me’ but the following:

  • A relentless barrage of 10-20 retweets a day mentioning the blogging awards.
  • Over-sharing self promotion.
  • Quasi-bullying of facebook groups and comment pods in order to get people to vote for them.
  • Massive group emails and group DM’s begging for votes.
  • The bloody awards being tagged into any and every instagram post.
  • The bloody awards being shoe horned into every post (relevant or not).

i.e. “Welcome to the latest post about my dog Spanky. Today I want to talk about dog shows. My dog is beautiful (like my writing which is why I’m up for a .**** award. Details here). Anyway, i’m thinking of taking my dog to Crufts this year which is an awards show for dogs. A bit like the ****awards – which you can nominate me for HERE”.


If you have to spend every waking hour gaming the system and trying to get strangers to vote for you, then they’re obviously NOT fans of your blog and you are getting people to vote for you that don’t read your site (sometimes on the assumption that you’ll return the favour down the line – like some giant awards ceremony pyramid scheme).

What is an honest blogger to do?

This is where it gets truly annoying. An honest blogger who offers really good content and stands on his/her own work can either get left behind or is forced into partaking of the same dirty tricks in order to keep up.

The rise of the super bloggers.

Can we compete with the super bloggers? Not ALL super bloggers but the  super blogger who is in reality little more than a linky aggregator site, offering very little original content of their own. They just create linkys, comment on others and then repost the best on their website for no other reason than to drag in traffic. What they do write can be the equivalent to da werst of dee fbuk coments uve seeen. Punctuation and grammar anyone? I believe some bloggers even buy twitter followers and then get the company that manage those profiles to vote for them. Is this fair? And quite frankly WHY? What are you getting out of it?

I guess many people see blogging as their jobs and just as we all see people at work, getting promotions they don’t deserve, so it is in the world of blogging.

I just can’t see the point. You get a shiny award but does it really bring you riches? Does it warrant losing genuine followers, annoying people and selling your soul? Does it justify the endless amount of time you put in?  For what? The awards themselves ultimately become meaningless.

Luckily, award organisers seem to be wising up and some awards are no longer purely about voting but incorporate a judging panel and other top-secret methods of selection. I’ve seen some really good quality bloggers get nominated this year and some annoying ‘go-getters’ not even make the final cut. Let that be a lesson to you. Cheaters never prosper (apart from when they do).


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