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Dear Donald. My response to the President’s concern about terrorism in the UK.

Dearest President Trump,

As a British subject I’d just like to thank you for your “concern” over the recent terrorist attacks. It’s nice to hear you aren’t for terrorism and sure, it’s been emotional. However, I’d just like to clear up a few things. We’ve seen a lot of sensationalist headlines and tweets coming from across the pond and quite frankly, that shit ain’t right.

Is 100% school attendance a good thing?

Should schools offer rewards for 100% school attendance?

The newspapers this week are full of reports about schools offering ridiculous prizes (incentives) for 100% school attendance.

Quite apart from the cost to cash strapped schools, I think this is a terrible idea. I believe it is totally driven by Ofsted, box ticking and image obsession, rather than any genuine care for a pupil’s education (or pastoral best interests).