Contrary to popular opinion, I’m not always grumpy. Plenty of stuff cheers me up (sometimes it’s the same stuff that pisses me off).

So here they are:

25 things that make me happy:

1. My kids (they also drive me nuts but I wouldn’t swop them).

2. My wife ( I wouldn’t dare repeat what I said in no.1, so I’ll leave it there).

3. Sleep. I get precious little so I fantasise about sleep ALL the time.

4. Going to bed (in all ways possible).

4. A good book. I  particularl like epic fantasy, crime, biography, nature and gardening.

4. My garden. Pootling about in it, planning what to do with it, chilling out in it.

5. Gardening books. My wife collects cookery books, I collect gardening books.

6. Gardener’s Question Time. I may have forgotten everything within 5 mins of it finishing but that’s not the point. It’s a British institution. Its mixture of helpful advice and quirkiness is like a soothing balm.

7. The sea.

8. Music. All sorts (except hip hop).

9. Friends. I may not have seen you properly for years or I may only know you through the internet but I do have good friends and appreciate it.

10. Solitude. It’s good to have alone time.

11. Reese’s peanut butter cups.

12. Ducks. I don’t have any at the moment which makes me sad, but my garden looks nice.

13. Chickens. See 12.

14. Dogs. I have an English Springer Spaniel called Ellie.

15. Classic crime. Books, tv, movies, it’s all good.

16. Creativity.

17. The national trust.

18. The internet. The world is full of knowledge, new things to discover and new people to meet (and trolls)

19. Audiobooks. When you’re too busy to read a book, you can listen to one (especially when you’re digging in the garden).

20. Fried chicken.

21. Jack Daniels. I don’t really drink but when I do…

22. Yorkshire.

23. Long walks in the countryside.

24. Red heads. What? I’m married, not dead (plus my wife is the best redhead of all).

25. A nice cup of tea.

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