Earlier this year I came across the Blurt Foundation, whose aim is to increase the awareness and understanding of depression.  They have various resources available including blogs, podcasts and this thing called BuddyBox ,described as thus:

The October Buddybox

“…a subscription box with substance, designed to counter the pressures we face in modern life.

Packed full of thoughtful, mood-lifting treats, the BuddyBox comforts, delights and gives you that warm, ‘I’ve been cared for’ feeling inside.

In other words – it’s a hug in a box”.

Intrigued? I was. I’ve seen some gift boxes and although a lovely pick me up, not all months would be my sort of thing (we are a varied bunch and it’s bound to happen), but I figured ‘what the heck’, if some of it’s not for me I can always give them as little pick me ups to friends who need them (or give them away on my blog). I need not have worried though as October’s box turned up and it was glorious.

As the following photo’s show. It’s a lovely little box filled with useful stuff designed to pick you up.


Postcards: use them as mantra’s, reminders, bookmarks or give them to others to let them know about BuddyBox

#365 days of Selfcare post it notes: These are fabulous and I intend to use them everday to keep me focused and grateful.


Socks: It’s winter, so cozy on down in these warm, seasonal and environmentally friendly socks?

Duvet fort patch: Who doesn’t like to hide out in a DIY hideout? Embrace your inner child and leave your worries at the door. My oldest child is trying to pinch this patch, which he’s not getting but it did lead to all my kids wanting to make a den which was nice.

The Little Pocket Book of Mindfulness: I’ve been meaning to practice mindfulness for a while and to buy a few books. It’s proven to be beneficial along the same lines as CBT in treating depression so it was provident when this turned up in the box.



 The cost? These boxes only cost £21.50 a month (they also do BuddyBox lite for £12 a month as well as subscriptions for both). As someone who works in a store that sells a lot of these products I can assure you that i’ve added up the RRP’s and can assure you that really are getting your money’s worth as well as contributing to depression awareness.

I can’t afford the November box so I won’t be buying one myself unfortunately (themed woodland walks) but If you’re thinking about treating yourself or somebody else to a little pick me up, I can heartily recommend BuddyBox . The thought behind it alone, can do the world of good.

Thanks Blurt x



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