As a parent, we are constantly battling with the many difficult phases of childhood and parenting. Desperately trying to get through them so we’ll feel better. I see this all the time, parents seeking advice (as I do myself) in order to get through, thinking that somehow once it’s conquered, life will be better! But are we going about things all wrong? Afterall, and there have been many times I’d wish for an older phase back because My god, it was easier than the latest one.

The ‘why won’t they feed phase’, gives way to

The ‘why won’t they sleep feed’ phase, which gives way to the

‘Why won’t they listen’ phase, which gives way to the

‘Why won’t they potty train’ phase, gives way to

The ‘ why won’t they listen‘ phase (and this one won’t ever go away)

Right up to the teen years with the:

‘Why won’t they respect me phase’.

All the way up to the:

‘Why won’t they leave home phase

and the

‘I don’t agree with the way they are raising their family’ phase.

In other words. It will never EVER stop and maybe we just need to worry less about getting through a phase (or thinking things will be magically better afterwards) and enjoying our time together? Afterall, that’s what ‘it’s just a phase’ is supposed to mean. Don’t worry about it. The problem is, we nearly always do.

So what phases have you found the most challenging and what did you do?

Answers in the comments.

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